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What is a lash lift ?

Hello Beauties!

Recently we ran a survey online to get to know our demographic market a little better. On the survey we asked questions to analyze people's familiarity with the lash lift process. The survey's focus was on women of ages 15-50. When we analyzed the data, we realized the highest percentage of population that didn't know what a lash lift is, were women over 35 years old and the highest percentage that were very well informed about it, were 15-21 year olds. 

That's why we decided to dedicate this blog to the lash lift itself! what it is and how it works!

So here you go:

1. What is a lash lift

  • Lash lift is basically a gentle perm for your eyelashes.
  • During the process there are two lotions that need to stay on your eyelashes for 8-12 minutes:  #1 perm lotion and # 2 fix lotion. 
  • Perm lotion curves your lashes based on the crown lift pads that you used on your eyelids. Opulence Beauty's lash lift kit comes with 5 pairs of lift pads in different sizes that you can choose from to match your eyelids and the desired curve.
  • Fix lotion secures the position of the chosen curve. 

2. How much does it Cost?

  • Lash lifts can usually cost you between $70-$100 when you choose to get it at a salon. 
  • Our kit however normally costs $49.99+Shipping but right now we are running a promotion and we offer free shipping within US
  • You can use our kit 5-10 times depending on how much product you use.
  • Our kit is suitable for professional and at home use. 

3. How long is it going to last?

  • With our lash lift kit; you can get beautifully curved lashes for up to 8 weeks depending on the thickness of your lashes.

4. Are there any preparations required?

  • No, there are no preparations required. But make sure you don't have any mascara/ eye makeup on while getting your lashes permed. Our kit also includes a cleanser that you can use to clean your lashes off any dirt or left over make up.

5. How to maintain my lashes?

  • The awesome thing about lash lifts is that unlike lash extensions or falsies; lash lifts do not require any maintenance. 
  • You can shower, put on mascara and do anything you wish!
  • We advise to use our #3 Lash Nutrition that includes in the kit once or twice a day to keep your lashes healthy, moisturized and long.

6. Is there any down time?

  • Only within 24 hrs of getting your lash lift, we advise not to get your lashes wet, not to rub your eyes nor sleep on you face also not to have your eyes exposed to direct sunlight and avoid humidity and mascara. After that time you are free to do anything as you wish! 

Well guys this is it for this blog post, we tried to keep it on point and short. We hope you find this information helpful! Don't hesitate to contact us and give us feedbacks also we would love to hear any subjects that you wish us to post about.

untill next time,


Take care & be well !